Mars Wrigley UK has announced a new Maltesers campaign in partnership with Comic Relief for Red Nose Day, which aims to encourage a more open dialogue around mums’ mental health.

Broadcast across TV and digital channels for the first time today, the two ads features the stories of several women that are based on real conversations about the reality of motherhood. The manufacturer worked with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance to better understand the complex topic.

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The ads will be mirrored online with the launch of a new social campaign, exploring the ‘lighter’ and ‘darker’ sides of motherhood. The campaign will include Giphy stickers, social posts and Instragram stories with insightful messages that encourage shoppers to share their own experiences.

One in 10 women experience mental health issues during pregnancy or in the first year, according to Leah Dyke, Maltesers brand director, Mars Wrigley UK.

The campaign is a continuation of Maltesers commitment to represent the diversity of its customers through its marketing and push the industry forward with an honest representation of life.

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Dyke said: “Maltesers has always been at the forefront of UK advertising’s drive to do a better job of representing society in everything we do – and this is no different. Be it our own experiences or the experiences of our friends, family or partners, we know that maternal mental health impacts so many women during and after pregnancy. However, it is rarely talked about and widely considered taboo. 

“We’ve learnt to understand the power of representation over the years and are now bringing these learnings to a whole new issue in these ads, but this is only the start. Through our advertising, campaigns, and partnerships,Maltesers aims to help women build resilience, by laughing together through the tough stuff.”

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