London retailers expand range with vegan confectionery

With around 1.5m vegans in the UK, London retailers seek to expand their confectionery range

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Independent retailers and online sweet shops located in and around London are seeking more vegan confectionery, according to confectionery wholesaler Hancocks.

More people are turning to veganism, with 1.5m vegans within the UK, with an additional 6.5m planning to adopt a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet during 2021.

Pick and Mix, Hancocks’ own brand from Kingsway, has begun to move from gelatine-based sweets to starch-based sweets. Latest additions to their range include Kingsway Watermelon Fizzy Dummies and Kingsway Tongue Painting Fizzy Dummies.

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Swedish confectionery maker Bubs also provides a vegan range, including Bubs Banana Mini Ovals and Bubs Mini Sour Foam Skulls.

Store manager for Hancocks in Watford, Reza Abbasi, commented: “Catering for different dietary requirements is something we get asked about a lot and vegan confectionery is the one our customers are most interested in.

“There has been a real improvement in the quality, taste and general consistency of vegan sweets and they are appealing to a much wider consumer base, not just those following a vegetarian, vegan or halal diet.

“For retailers, both bricks and mortar and online, to truly remain competitive, it is important to factor in dietary requirements when making confectionery choices to stay one step ahead and cater for everyone.”


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