Hancocks has introduced post-friendly pick and mix boxes for retailers who transitioned online during the pandemic.

Since the initial lockdown in March, businesses have been seeking alternative packaging choices for treats and gift boxes.

The new packaging is available in a variety of options, including cardboard pizza boxes, small and large grip-seal pouches, an eight-section platter with a lid and small windowed sweet boxes. The boxes are made from recyclable materials.

Hancocks adds to novelty sweet range

Seasonal options are set to launch in early June. These include options to celebrate Christmas, Halloween as well as sweets with snowflake designs. In addition, two Easter boxes will be launched in 2022.

Marketing communications manager at Hancocks, Chris Smith, said “We’ve responded to a growing demand from our customers for packaging options and since we launched, they’ve been very popular with our pick and mix and online sweetshop customers.

“We are continuously looking at new packaging solutions for our customers and have new seasonal-themed design carry boxes launching in the coming months.

“These exciting launches will include options for Halloween and Christmas. Both big occasions for sweet retailers.”

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