Ferrero has unveiled its plans for Thorntons and is investing £8.1m in advertising this Christmas, as well as launching a r

aft of new products.Raffaello will be on TV for the first time from October. The brand is launching a mini tree 40g pack, RRP £2.09, for shoppers to buy as a gift.

Ferrero Rocher will be on TV from November 2 for 11 weeks and Ferrero Collection will be backed by a separate TV ad and print advertising.

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Ferrero Rocher will be available in a new shooting star pack and mini tree 50g pack, RRP £1.99 and £2.09 respectively.

Kinder is launching a Choco-Bons 300g box, RRP £4, for sharing, as well as a Chocolate Minis tree decoration, RRP £1.50. Kinder is also bringing back Kinder Joy, which launched in spring.

Following the acquisition of the Thorntons brand in June last year, Ferrero has announced a six-week campaign for the brand, which will see it on TV for the first time in seven years from November.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero, said: “Our short-term challenge is to refresh the brand. Then between now and 2018 we want to win in our heartland of boxed chocolate. In the longer term we aim to gain share of the seasons and in three years we’ll expand into other areas.”