Ferrero unveils 2017 Christmas range: Thorntons, Kinder, Raffaello and Ferrero Rocher

The Ferrero Christmas 2017 range has been unveiled, including new lines from Thorntons and Kinder Joy and TV ads for Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello.

Ferrero is aiming to help retailers make more money this Christmas by focusing on premium confectionery lines.

Here are the eight things you need to know: 

1) Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello will be back on a TV with a £4.1m campaign, with Ferrero Collection supported by press ads.

2) Thorntons will be backed by TV advertising this Christmas and will launch Thorntons Seasonal Selection and Thorntons Christmas Selection, RRP £5 and £10 respectively.

3) Following on from 199% growth last Christmas, Thorntons Collection is extending its range with a new Dark box.

4) Targeted at children, Kinder Joy is returning this Christmas containing eight different collectable toys that can be hung on Christmas trees.

5) Ferrero is launching Kinder Chocolate Santa Letter, RRP £3.50, which contains two chocolate bars, an envelope, paper and stickers. Each letter will be replied to by Royal Mail.

6) The brand is aiming to drive spend by launching a Kinder Mix advent calendar, RRP £5. Levi Boorer, Ferrero customer development director, told Retail Express: “We were cautious about launching into a category that is often discounted because you can drive spend at Christmas, but we’ve had so much demand from retailers and consumers for this.”

7) Thorntons will also launch The Snowman and The Snowdog Advent Calendar, RRP £10.

8) Finally, Nutella is launching seasonal limited-edition designs on its 400g, 750g and 1kg packs. Similar activity in Germany led to a sales increase of 22%.

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