Ferrero rolls out its Easter range

With the start of the Easter sales period just two months away, Ferrero has unveiled its spring range to drive confectionery sales.

Leading the range is Kinder Joy, a plastic egg that opens into two halves, one side containing a toy and the other milk and cocoa cream.

Kinder Joy Eggs, RRP 99p, are backed by a £830,000 campaign, which includes press and outdoor advertising and in-store activity.

Available from December, it comes in cases of 32 to reduce the risk and cash outlay for retailers but pre-filled units with 144 Kinder Joy eggs are also available to help cater for the high rate of sale the product has seen in tests.

Levi Boorer, customer development director for Ferrero, told Retail Express: “When we’ve tested it we saw very low levels of cannibalisation between Kinder Surprise and Kinder Joy. Kinder Joy was achieving nearly 60% of the rate of sale that Kinder Surprise had.”

Ferrero is also extending the availability of its Grand Rocher through the Easter period, which will have spring-themed packaging. It is also bringing back its Ferrero Eggs and seasonal gifting range.

“There will always be distress purchasing and retailers who have gift cards and a pen positioned alongside the chocolate confectionery aisle might just save the day,” Boorer added.


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