Call for ban on selling energy drinks to children

energy drinks

Energy drinks are the latest target of health campaigners, who are calling for a ban on selling them to children.

The call came after a survey conducted by charity, Action on Sugar (AoS), found that one drink can contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar. It looked at the nutritional labels of 197 energy drinks found in supermarkets and online, and said that the exceedingly high levels of sugar they contain is “fuelling the obesity epidemic”.

AoS said the products should not be sold to children under 16 as they can make them addicted to caffeine and sugar can affect their behaviour in school.

This is not the first time sugar has been attacked and accused of being the “new tobacco” by leading figures. Last month celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, called for a tax on sugar in a similar way to tobacco products.   

energy drinks

The ACS has announced its support for the latest research by urging retailers to clamp down on the sales of energy drinks to children.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Many of our members have voluntary policies in place to restrict the sale of energy drinks to young people, and a lot of positive work has been carried out between retailers and local schools to help children make healthier choices.”

Are you a retailer that already restricts the sales of energy drinks to children? Do you think this is a step too far? Call 020 7689 3371 to share your thoughts.


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