Cadbury Caramilk lands in the UK

Mondelez International has launched Cadbury Caramilk in the UK, a new caramel-flavoured chocolate bar, following its success in the Australian market.

Available now from wholesale, the bar comes in 80/90g (RRP £1-1.50), 37g (RRP 69p), 80g £1 price-marked packs (PMP) and 37g 60p PMP formats.

The supplier said sweeter taste profile cater to younger consumers, with the target audience for Caramilk being millennials and younger families.

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Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelez International, said Caramilk is set to be “the next Darkmilk and Marvellous Creations”, so advises retailers to give it prominent space on shelf alongside other Cadbury chocolate bars, with the left-hand side of a fixture being where most consumers look to first.

Currently, orange is the top ranked standard chocolate flavour in the UK, followed by caramel and then mint.  

Overall, the chocolate category is showing positive signs of growth, and while milk chocolate remains the biggest segment with a 79% penetration of block formats, white and dark varieties are the fastest growing in value at 24% and 10.8% respectively across all formats. Milk chocolate on the other hand is growing at 6.2%.

Looking closer at block formats, white chocolate currently has penetration of 28.1% and the figure for dark varieties stands at 53.1%, indicating headroom for growth.

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Other stats shared by the supplier reveal Dairy Milk remains the number-one milk chocolate brand, with Bournville growing at 46% year on year, and Darkmilk being 18.3% incremental to the block chocolate segment.  

To support the launch of Caramilk, the supplier will be investing in a campaign spanning outdoor, sampling, social media and digital advertising, with in-store PoS available for retailers. It is predicted to reach 98% of consumers.

More details regarding the campaign are yet to be announced.

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