Mondelez is permanently bringing back Cadbury Bournville Orange to tap into the trend for orange chocolate.

Bournville is Cadbury’s most notable heritage brand, worth £13.4m and growing at 2.8%, and the bar will feature new look, which has also rolled out across the entire range.

To help retailers drive chocolate sales, Cadbury Bournville tablet will also be launching in a £1 price-marked pack.

Nancy Galvin, brand manager for Bournville, said: “We’ve seen great results by bringing back old favourites, such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin. By launching Cadbury Bournville Orange as a permanent addition to the range when the popularity of orange variants in chocolate is growing, we believe it will help drive sales frequency amongst dark chocolate lovers.

“We’re also excited to launch our price-marked bar, which will make packs stand-out on shelf and help drive further sales for independent retailers.”

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