KP Snacks
Hula Hoops is back this February with its ‘Hands Full’ advert, part of a £1.5m campaign spanning TV, social media and posters that is set to reach 81% of households with children. 

Pladis is extending its McVitie’s Digestives Slices range to include a new Banoffee flavour, playing into the growing trend of British and American dessert flavours in cake formats with an RRP of £1.50.

Allied Bakeries
Allied Bakeries is launching a new ‘Loaf’s Good’ TV advert to support Kingsmill 50/50, celebrating British family life and the role that Kingsmill bread plays in their everyday lives.

Comfort is set to launch three new luxury variants of fabric softener: Heavenly Nectar, Luscious Bouquet and Lavish Blossom, urging retailers to capitalise on consumers looking to trade up to premium conditioners. 

Mars Chocolate
Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has announced a new addition to its chocolate spreads range, M&M’s Crispy Spread, available in a 350g jar, offering consumers more choice in the spreads category.

Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK
The supplier is launching a new ‘Time to Shine – Arrive Ready’ TV advert for its Extra gum holder, which is going to be launched 29 February and expected to reach more than 8.9m consumers.