Marketing around shopper missions is as important as ever and retailers who are catering to the needs of their customers continue to do well.

Building cross category links and deals for customers who are having a night in at the weekend can have a huge effect on sales.

We asked Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager for Mars Chocolate, how retailers can make the most of this trend towards staying in.

1. Stock products at eye level.pos

Most shoppers buying for a night in are adults so stock accordingly.

2. Work with the space you have.

Larger store owners can make the most of their chocolate range by adding additional sites near crisps and alcohol. “Larger stores should also consider ice cream,” says Dhaliwal. Small stores can use Mars’ Slender Glenda PoS (pictured) to conserve space.

3. Focus on the products that are aimed at multiple audiences.

Bitesized chocolate, such as Maltesers & M&Ms, appeal to both parties and couples.

4. Increase visibility of “night in” related products between Thursday and Saturday.

Use extra PoS to stand out to shoppers who visit your store regularly.

5. Focus on sharing.

Often you see stores that have too many lines,” says Dhaliwal. “Rationalisation of your range is key.”