In a bid to help shoppers reduce their sugar intake, Coca-Cola Great Britain is replacing Coke Zero with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Supported by a £10m campaign, the brand claims that Zero Sugar will taste more like original Coca-Cola but contain no sugar.

The campaign marks the brand’s biggest investment in a new product for a decade and includes TV, outdoor and digital advertising.

The launch follows the brand’s findings that 50% of people did not know Coke Zero was sugar-free.

Leendert den Hollander, general manager for Coca-Cola Enterprises, said the company has been working since 2012 to increase the growth of no-sugar options.

“We know that millions of people love the taste of Coca-Cola and have been working to refine the recipe of Coca-Cola Zero to match the taste of the original, but without sugar,” he added.