Top 10 butters and spreads

Here are the top 10 butter products you need to be stocking in your store.

Experimenting with new products is a worthwhile strategy. This includes butter and similar products.

Launches from major brands are often supported with an extensive media campaign that includes multi-million pound advertising. Recently there has been a range of new products launched into the market.

Here are the top ten products you should be stocking

Lurpak Cooks Clarified Butter 250g£3.25
Lurpack Cooking Liquid 500ml£3.25
Lurpack Cooking Mist 200ml£2.70
Lurpack Baking 500g£3.25
Clover Lighter Than Light£2
Gold From Flora 225g£1.49
Gold From Flora 400g£2.49
Bertolli with Butter 225g£1.49
Bertolli with Butter 400g£2.49
Flora Great For Baking£1

This list is taken from Retail Express Newspaper June 03 issue.


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