Booker’s 130-strong Discover The Choice range has helped Oxfordshire retailer Jonathan Fraser cash in on the demand for ready meals and chilled food

Last July, Booker launched its Discover the Choice own label, providing products from across different categories such as ready meals and fresh meat. 

The range contains 130 lines, with more launches planned later this year. 

Jonathan Fraser, owner of Fraser’s Budgens in Three Mile Cross, Oxfordshire, says that Booker is particularly strong in delivering chilled products. 

“The own-label brands from Booker are excellent. They offer good prices, they look premium and they sit well in the shop among other brands,”
he adds. 

According to Jonathan, Booker’s own label offers retailers great margins too. 

“It’s important for us to stock own label because our customers expect to see this range of products and for us to give them the choice,” he adds. 

Jonathan says that his customers trust the range, which helps drive sales. 

The variety within Booker’s own label continues to grow and Jonathan says that he expects it to become more important for his sales as he adds more lines.

Jeet Bansi, Meon Vale Londis, Stratford-upon-Avon, West Midlands


“Our own-label ranges are performing much better than I could have hoped. They help our strategy very much.

“It helps us offer different prices to appeal to more consumers. Some customers shop for brands, but some shop for price — and this is the demographic we get to target. 

“We’ve always stocked Happy Shopper and Euro Shopper, but now we have Discover the Choice, too. 

“Booker’s own label is great because it allows us to tap into bigger margins and it also gives us the freedom to run our own in-store promotions. 

“This helps us stay competitive and offer something different. 

“When the weather is warmer for example, we may decide to run promotions like two-for-£4 on berries. 

“This activity runs alongside  Booker’s regular promotions, like two-for-£5 ready meals, which are very popular.”