Spar sales set to sizzle, thanks to brand’s new own-label summer range

Spar are expanding with a variety of products like salads, meat and dips, thanks to the brand’s new own-label summer range.

Tapping into the trend for barbecues, picnics and alfresco dining, the summer range includes cooked meats, pizza, dips and salads.

New to the meat range, Spar is introducing Beef Pastrami, which is available in £2 price-marked packs. The range also now includes a £3 Roast Chicken Breast PMP and Cooked Chicken Thighs, which can be promoted at two for £5.

Susan Darbyshire, Spar brand director, said: “With multiple bank holidays, sporting events and warmer weather on the horizon, we are supporting our retailers to make their stores a real destination for all things summer.

The summer range will include new items like a Tzatziki dip, which can accompany kebabs, falafel and salads. Spar has also redesigned its dips range, which are promoted at two for £2.

Spar’s salad bowls range is receiving a boost with Spar Baby Leaf 90g and Spar Classic 320g, price-marked £1 and £2 respectively.

“Bowl salads are the ultimate convenience, as they’re so quick and easy for shoppers who don’t want to buy individual ingredients,” added Darbyshire.


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