Quorn Vegan Pepperoni Slices added to Quorn’s deli range

Quorn Vegan Deli range was launched in 2018, with Quorn Smoky Ham Slices and Quorn Chicken Free Slices delivering £21.4m in sales

Quorn has launched Vegan Pepperoni Slices, available now in a 100g format, with an RRP of £2.20.

Quorn Vegan Pepperoni Slices aim to “act as a signpost for vegan shoppers, while inviting new shoppers into the Vegan Deli category, driving frequency and penetration for retailers,” according to owner Quorn.

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The Vegan Pepperoni is the latest addition the brand’s Vegan Deli range, which launched in 2018. The range consists of Quorn Smoky Ham Free Slices and Quorn Chicken Free Slices, delivering £21.4m in sales and growing by 64% year on year.

The supplier says the launch comes to help retailers make the most of the growing Vegan Deli category, which is now worth £15.5m.

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Gill Riley, marketing director at Quorn Foods, said: “Interest in vegan diets continues to build momentum. We launched the Quorn Vegan Deli range to meet this demand by providing quick, tasty and sustainable options for lunchtime sandwiches and sales and convenient evening meals.

“This year saw the most successful Veganuary to date with over 400,000 taking part and with one in five Brits cutting down on meat consumption during the Covid-19 pandemic, shoppers are continuing to show the growing importance of meat reduction to the UK.

“And with more people making more meals at home and increasing numbers now embarking on the return to work, there is a renewed demand for options that can also be taken into work to eat at lunchtime.”

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