Shoppers can get their hands on electronic prizes this month as Mattessons unveils details of its £1m ‘The snacker hacker’ campaign.

The brand has teamed up with six of the world’s most well-known YouTube gaming personalities to reach an audience of 20 million.

The campaign also includes an on-pack promotion that will give away laptops, games consoles and downloads. The packs give consumers a prize with every purchase.

Last week the six gamers told their fans that they had been targeted by a hacker. This week video-on-demand advertising will reveal that Fridge Raiders is behind the campaign.

Consumers will be encouraged to help the gamers uncover the identity of the hacker by cracking a series of codes.

Haley Murgett, senior brand manager for Mattessons at Kerry Foods, said: “Tech-savvy teens are the most likely to want to engage with this activity but there is an underlying educational element to the campaign that will have a huge appeal to parents.”