Tapping into the popularity of eating hot food on the go, Ginsters is launching two new microwaveable calzone products.

Available in two flavours, Meatball Calzone Pizza and Pepperoni Calzone Pizza, the new range is available in microwaveable packaging for convenience and is ready to eat in 90 seconds.

Linda Evans, Ginsters sales & marketing director, told Retail Express the products are designed with convenience in mind.

“We launched in selected multiples on September 21 and have been trialling it in impulse stores since September 29,” she added.

Top Tips

Stock next to hot drinks and lunchtime products to drive sales from busy customers

Co-Op is currently promoting the products for £1, introduce on promotion to encourage trial

Stock close to an in-store microwave if possible, as the shelf ready packaging allows customers to heat and eat on the go