Danone is sharing top tips and expert advice with two retailers to help them boost sales in the chilled yoghurts and potted desserts category. RN meets the retailers taking part…

Nisa, Islington

Camran Rahi“My yoghurt range changes all the time, and the challenge for me is stocking lines that sell every week – not just when they are on promotion. I need some advice on getting a consistent range that stays in place all year.”


Costcutter, East London

“There’s not a lot of variety in my yoghurt range at the moment, and I want to know what the bestselling lines are that I should have in my store. I need advice on stocking a best-in-class range that will increase sales in yoghurts and desserts.”


Category Executive, Danone

”96% of the population buy chilled yoghurts and potted desserts so there’s an opportunity within convenience to drive the category and boost sales. I’m excited to work with Camran and Perry to help them get the right core range and merchandise in a way that’s relevant to the diverse convenience shopper missions.”


What happens next?

Perry and Camran will make changes to their range and merchandising based on the advice they receive during a store visit from Rebecca. These changes should lead to a significant boost in sales for both retailers over the six-week trial period. You can read more about Rebecca’s advice and the changes the retailers will make in our next feature.