Frubes launches digital and TV ad campaign aimed at schoolkid snacking occasion

Frubes' sales value increased by 6.1% in 2021

frubes 2022 campaign

Yoplait has launched a new ad campaign for Frubes, aimed at promoting the yoghurt as a go-to portable snack for schoolkid.

The campaign involves digital and TV adverts running until 31 March, which are expected to reach four million UK consumers.

Currently, Frubes is the number-one category driver in ‘brands my kids ask for’, according to Ipsos research. Last year, it saw sales value increase by 6.1% and value share increase from 0.5% to 10.3%, with Yoplait anticipating further growth in 2022.

Frubes launches on-pack sticker promo for back-to-school shoppers

Lindsay Hill, marketing director at Yoplait UK, said: “Our new campaign takes a 360-approach that includes activations on popular home-media channels such as TV, YouTube and gaming platforms to connect with younger audiences.

“These channels have become increasingly important for engaging with our target demographic and, when combined with our in-store activations, will ensure Frubes is kept top of mind with shoppers over the coming March power period.”

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