Carabao launches Sport range in Orange and Mixed Berry varieties

The range is aspartame-free in response to consumer concerns about the sweetener's presence in sports drinks

carabao sport

Carabao is expanding its offering with the launch of the Carabao Sport range in Orange and Mixed Berry varieties.

The carbohydrate-electrolyte drink has been launched in time for warmer weather to aid hydration, the supplier says.

It is also aspartame-free, following research which says 60% of regular isotonic sports drink drinkers who exercise weekly are concerned about the presence of the sweetener in sports drinks.

Carabao Sport is made with natural colours and flavours, and with 113 calories per bottle, contains 4.4g of sugar per 100ml.

John Luck, chief marketing officer at Carabao, said: “Carabao Sport includes the carbohydrates and electrolytes required to support prolonged exercise that you would expect to find in a sports drink, but it is our unique combination of aspartame free, added B vitamins, 100% natural colours and flavours and fantastic flavour that makes our drink special.

As current sponsor of The Carabao Cup, and with an existing range of great tasting, low-calorie energy drinks, launching a sports drink is a natural extension for the Carabao brand.”


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