The number of transactions on some core toiletry and tinned lines in convenience stores increased last month, in line with reports of panic buying at supermarkets.

According to the latest transactional till data from The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP), products which saw month on month increases for the four weeks ending 20 September were Andrex Classic Clean White £2.50 pricemark (9% increase) and Euroshopper Baked Beans 40p pricemark (8% rise).

Happy Shopper Spaghetti 79p pricemark also saw a month on month increase of 17% in the same period.

Year-on-year, transactions for the Euroshopper Beans grew by 11% and Andrex by 43%. Of the three lines, year-on-year transactions for Happy Shopper Spaghetti were the ones to drop by 44%.

The data comes as supermarkets had to limit the amount of stock customers could buy following reports that the public had returned to initial panic buying habits seen at the start of lockdown. The habits came as the government announced further lockdown restrictions to reduce the coronavirus infection rate.

Wholesalers and independent retailers had also said they had seen customers begin to stockpile products.