Nyree Chambers, head of marketing for Grace Foods UK, says it’s an “exciting time” for the international foods market thanks to UK customers’ increasingly adventurous tastes.

Over the past five years Grace Foods has organised Carribean Food Week to celebrate and promote food from this region.

Here are three top tips for getting international foods right in your shop.

Stock the right brands:

“With demand for authentic world ingredients higher than ever, stock up on recognised, authentic cooking ingredients and ready-to-consumer products and your sales will soar.”

Merchandise products clearly:

“Retailers can maximise sales of new trends such as the popularity of coconut waters by merchandising them together. Front of store placement is also key to driving impulse sales during the warmer months”.

Invest in ‘gateway’ products:

“Many people are using Jamaican jerk seasoning as the gateway to Caribbean food, spicing up everyday meals before going on to discover the rich array of flavours that Caribbean food has to offer.”

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