Around 30% of organic food shoppers would be tempted to buy more products in-store if they were sold in loose, environmentally-friendly packaging. 

A new report commissioned by the Soil Association Certification found most shoppers were committed to reducing plastic and household waste, with a further 67% of those surveyed expecting organic produce to be packaged in a more environmentally-friendly way, compared to non-organic foods.

Clare McDermott, business development director for the Soil Association Certification, said: “The higher expectations shoppers have of organic packaging is an opportunity for the organic sector to make a difference, and for retailers to show themselves leading from the front on the question of packaging waste.”

Building on this trend, James Brundle, co-founder of Eat17, said his new store in Hammersmith will offer shoppers 100 refillable food lines.

“We want to provide shoppers an eco-friendly option. Shoppers will be able to bring their own reusable containers and refill items such as olive oil, pasta, rice and detergent,” he said.

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