A nation of pet lovers who have become increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of their pets has led to growth in demand for dry kibble and tinned tuna across convenience.

Recent figures from Mintel, released in November, suggest 63% of dog owners between 25 and 34-years-old were concerned about how healthy their cats and dogs were. Mintel associate director of food & drink Emma Clifford said: “Obesity is a widespread and worsening problem for both humans and pets.

“The nation’s pet owners continue to worry about the welfare of their precious pooches and there are also growing opportunities for products and services that have specific emotional benefits for pets.”

Mo Razzaq, of Family Shopper in Blantyre, has a 12 metre bay dedicated to pets. He told RN: “We have a lot of dog and cat owners who shop in our store and I’ve definitely noticed a trend where their pets are well-pampered.

“Dry pet food sales have increased by 10% while tinned alternatives viewed as less healthy have fallen. Cat owners have also helped sales of tinned tuna treble to 18 cans.”