Cadbury Fingers highlights deaf community with latest campaign

'Sign with fingers big and small' aims to help people learn British Sign Language to be more inclusive


Mondelez is launching a new part of its ‘For fingers big and small’ campaign for Cadbury Fingers.

The ‘Sign with fingers big and small’ campaign, created in partnership with the National Deaf Children’s Society, encourages people to learn British Sign Language (BSL).

It was created with a team of deaf specialists and a panel of people from across the deaf community.

Alongside a video which plays on TV, on-demand and YouTube, the campaign features lessons in BSL to help people learn everyday sayings such as “Fancy a cuppa?” or “Having a good day?” Illustrated animations of these phrases will appear on YouTube, digital out of home and social media.

There will also be a ‘Sign with fingers hub’ online with links to additional resources and learning, deaf awareness and inclusion advice.

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