Britvic to aim Rockstar at university freshers in September

Sampling and experiential activity to take place at UK universities

rockstar freshers week marketing

Britvic is set to push Rockstar energy drinks throughout September as part of efforts to target university students during Fresher’s Week.

Forming part of Rockstar’s global ‘Fuel every you’ campaign, the supplier will target universities with sampling and experiential activity.

There is also ‘Fuel every you’ PoS material available to retailers. The campaign is intended to establish Rockstar as a brand that meets a variety of energy drink needs.

Ben Parker, GB retail commercial director at Britvic, said: “Students are in many ways the ideal customers for the convenience retailer as they are likely to visit often, buy on impulse and keen to try new things. With many away from home for the first time, they will be looking for offers and bargains, new ideas and tastes, quick meals, snacks and drinks to fit in with their busy lifestyles.

“When targeting students, it is important for retailers to consider the importance of price-marked packs for best-sellers. PMPs remain key for the convenience market, giving price reassurance and a greater perception of value for money – 43.9% of sales in this channel now go through as PMP, an increase from 38.1% in 2019. Rockstar offers great value with its extensive range of PMPs to shoppers with a variety of flavours, including our latest PMP additions, El Mango and Tropical Punch.”

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