Britvic has begun transitioning single and multipack bottles of its core Fruit Shoot range to 100% recycled plastic (rPET) and clear bottles.

The move represents part of the supplier’s ambition to make all of its bottles produced and sold in the UK from 100% rPET by the end of 2022.

As part of the move, Fruit Shoot is also undergoing a recipe refresh and packaging redesign, which will see the brand in clear bottles and preservative-free.

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The move comes as shoppers expect more of food and drink suppliers regarding sustainability. A Kantar study from last year found that 95% of parents hold brands responsible for addressing their sustainability concerns, with a further 71% claiming they have become more concerned about sustainability since becoming a parent.

Furthermore, Britvic says the transition to clear bottles has had a positive impact on parent’s perception of the brand, with eight out of 10 saying they would trust Fruit Shoot more, and nearly three quarters saying it showed Fruit Shoot was more natural than they thought.

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Phil Sanders, out-of-home commercial director at Britvic, said: “We’re proud to continue our packaging innovation, continuing to switch our Fruit Shoot bottles to 100% rPET, after the initial update to Fruit Shoot Hydro last October. One in four kids juice and juice drink occasions took place outside the home in 2019, and as restrictions have eased and families are back on the move this is only set to increase further with kids drinking while out and about.

“Therefore, our single Fruit Shoot bottles are a great option for parents taking heir kids out over the weekends, or as an after-school drink. The new packaging is also sure to catch the eyes of parents on shelves or in chillers, showing the true colour of Fruit Shoot for the first time.

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