lambrini denise van outen bring the brini

Accolade Wines has announced a partnership between Lambrini, the UK’s number one perry brand and actor and presenter Denise Van Outen.

The ‘Bring the Brini’ partnership is Lambrini’s first major advertising activity since its acquisition by Accolade in 2021.

It will see Van Outen and Lambrini share lifestyle imagery and videos on their social media channels, with a nod to the 90s, when Lambrini was created.

The campaign comes as Lambrini has a 60% market share in the perry category. It also has a 26% value share of the perry and flavoured wine category, with this share rising to 46% in impulse alone.

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Tom Smith, marketing director – Europe at Accolade Wines, said: “Lambrini recruits a younger drinker who is less likely to buy traditional wine as they have a preference for lighter, sweeter tasting products and lower alcohol drinks. These consumers are also becoming more financially strained and are looking for good value, accessible drinks. We’re looking to raise awareness of the brand within this demographic, which is why the campaign will focus on social media.

“’Bring the Brini’ is about celebrating the everyday and encouraging our audience to celebrate themselves. We’re partnering with Denise Van Outen as our brand ambassador because she embodies the carefree, fun-loving spirit of the brand.

“Lambrini helps the wine category reach new consumers and occasions. This is the first big activation since we acquired the brand and it will give Lambrini a new, refreshed image and voice, as well as laying the foundations for more exciting projects to come.”

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