Kellogg’s has lined up a raft of activity that will help independent retailers’ breakfast sales soar. 

The supplier is giving convenience stores an opportunity to tap into breakfast meal deals by launching its first breakfast station this summer. 

The units, which come on wheels in end or side-of-aisle variants for bigger retailers or counter-top units for smaller stores, hold Kellogg’s Cereal-To-Go pots and Nutrigrain bars. 

Nick Dawson, Kellogg’s UK customer director of specialty channels, said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for retailers to drive incremental sales.” 

Elsewhere, Kellogg’s has launched an on-pack promotion for Special K, giving away a free beach bag to shoppers who purchase three PMPs of the cereal by July, and it is running an exclusive back to school promotion for c-stores. 

From August to October, the cereal giant will offer consumers a free Coco Monkey mug when they buy into the specific Kellogg’s cereal promotion. 

Kellogg’s is also extending the 39p promo on its core range of cereal snacks, such as Rice Krispies Squares, after sales grew by 39% during the first four months of the campaign. The offer will continue until December. 

To find out if you’re eligible for a breakfast station, call 0800 783 6676

Top tips

  • Position a breakfast station near the front of the store so it is one of the first things the customer sees as they walk in
  • Place the unit close to other on-the-go items such as newspapers, pastries, milk or soft drinks
  • Include fruit near the stand as healthy snacks attract shoppers to certain areas in-store
  • Place a table-top unit near the till to encourage impulse purchases
  • Consider the potential for link-up, such as offering the products at a discounted price when purchased together with milk or fruit
  • Position the unit at the end or side of an aisle to create a focus
  • Communicate to shoppers that you have an on-the-go breakfast solution with PoS
  • If space is an issue, bring the breakfast station out from 6am-11.30am and alternate with another on-the-go snacking range