Kellogg’s 120-year-old Corn Flakes brand is helping drive a return to growth for the cereal category, the company has announced.

The cereal is the second-fastest growing in the category and sales grew by almost a fifth during this years’ busy back-to-school period. Off the back of this recent growth, the company has announced a £10m marketing campaign – #MyPerfectBowl – for 2018, encouraging customers to try Corn Flakes outside of breakfast times.

The activity is just one of a number planned by Kellogg’s in the coming months as the company looks to “turnaround” a tough period for the cereals market.

As well as the launch of an Organic and Gluten Free range (W.K.Kellogg) reported by RN last week, the company is bringing back its “Grown Ups Go Free” tie-in with Merlin venues from January and launching a protein bar brand extension for Special K in December. The company is also bringing to market a £1 format for its snack brand, Pringles.

Simon Smith, Kellogg’s impulse sales category lead, said the raft of activity was an acknowledgement of a need for greater investment: “I think there’s a lot more humility in the way that we’re going to market and the way we are willing to learn, listen and improve. We’re proud of how we have turned around a difficult three years and it shows that focusing on the core and getting the basics right makes the difference.”

Mr Smith added that Kellogg’s had recently brought together symbol groups and wholesalers to launch these products and explain the company’s strategy.

Sarj Patel of Pasture Lane Store, Sutton Bonnington said there was much retailers could do to improve cereals sales too. “Our sales have gone up significantly since our refit. We put cereal near to our milk and made it easy to shop. Customers are brand loyal but also price sensitive so we’ve always stocked pricemarked cereals.”