Retailers can give their shoppers’ days a healthy start by signing up to Wake Up To Organic and running breakfast events on June 14.

Wake Up to Organic encourages shoppers to switch to organic products giving away free breakfasts and coffee.

Emma Berglund, owner of Simply Fresh Abergavenny in South Wales, took part in the event last year, which ran from 9:30am until 12pm.

“We have a Rijo coffee machine that has organic coffee so we’ll give them away with organic porridge oats and nuts,” she said.

“The event was a great way for us to highlight our Organic range and get people talking about our store.”

More than 100 retailers have already signed up to this year’s event, up from 70 last year. The organisers are aiming for 200 stores.

Catherine Fookes, Organic Trade Board campaign manager, said the events give convenience retailers the opportunity to build loyalty among organic shoppers

“We see great opportunity for the convenience sector get behind the Wake Up To Organic campaign as consumers don’t want to compromise their values when they are doing a smaller shop,” she added.