Judith Mercer, Spar Greenway, Belfast

Product: Ashers Baking Co sausage rolls (£1.89)

Where did you discover them? 
We’ve known Ashers for 25 years because they were one of the first local suppliers we decided to work with. Working with them for so many years gives us the benefit of knowing their products well and we can use this knowledge to persuade customers to buy their sausage rolls. We can rely on them to deliver our products on time every week without fail.

Who buys them?
We sell more than 40 of them each week. We serve customers who range from workers on their lunch breaks, families on a nearby housing estate and school children who want a snack on their way home, so there’s a good selection of people. We’re having a big focus on food to go now, and the category has definitely helped boost sales as well. The range is quite varied as well because you can get savoury, chilli and curry flavours. 

Why are they so successful?
They’ve been in the community for years, so shoppers already know their products quite well. The sausage rolls are more established in the area than those from bigger suppliers, but they’re more successful because they’ve been in the community for so long. They’re also award-winning, which creates the perception of quality in our customers’ minds.