My Local Hero: Narinder Kaur keeps workers happy with Jones Pies

My Local Hero: Narinder Kaur keeps workers happy with Jones Pies straight from the source

Narinder Kaur, Narinder’s Convenience Store, Huddersfield

Product: Jones Pies (£1.75 per pie)

Where did you discover it? 
I was originally buying these pies from a third-party supplier, but found out I could get better margins buying directly from the company and I get them delivered straight to my shop. The fact they’re based in Huddersfield also means I can go straight to them if necessary when supplies are either running low or I’m passing by. There’s a good range, which includes steak, steak and potato and chunky chicken. 

Who buys it?
We get them delivered every morning and they go straight into the hot food counter. This makes them popular with commuters and workers nearby because they provide a very filling breakfast. They also buy them for lunch because the pies can just be reheated in a microwave. If it’s not workers, then people who live locally like to purchase them as snacks, too.

Why is it so successful?
We sell 15 pies a day, despite a nearby Co-op also selling the same product. The difference is the Co-op only sells them chilled, so shoppers have to heat them up themselves and there’s no aroma to attract them. I place them near the tills as they make a good secondary impulse buy alongside coffees and newspapers. 



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