Ferhan Ashiq, Day-Today’s Ashiqs, Prestonpans

Product: Premium Bakery rolls, 25p

Where did you discover them?
These rolls have been sold in the store for more than 20 years now, so they’re definitely well-established. Nearby residents are quite familiar with them as well. My dad used to run the store and I presume he found out about them by asking around the local community. I know the bakery’s owner Peter Ford quite well because we both sit on the local council together. 

Who buys them?
We have a mixture of customers so the rolls are popular with several demographics. From children and the elderly to families and bachelors, they are popular with everyone who comes into the store. Premium Roll Bakery supplies other items, too. We also get baguettes and tray-baked goods such as rocky road brownies from them. There’s a product for everyone. 

Why are they so successful?
The rolls are one of the most popular products in the shop because we sell more than 1,000 every week. I sell the jumbo rolls and this creates a perception of value for money. Customers trust them over some of the more well-known suppliers because they know the products are baked nearby. They’ve also created a name for quality over the past two decades and generations of customers in the area have grown up knowing the products. The additional range of sandwiches also attracts customers.