Baz Jethwa, Spar Crumpsall Lane, Manchester

Product: Carrs Pasties £1.68

Where did you discover them?
I discovered them decades ago by getting to know the owner and this relationship has helped me gain quite a thorough knowledge of the range of products available. The company is based nearby in Bolton, so there’s very little worry about availability.  

Who buys them?
There’s a mix of customers who purchase them across all my stores. My Crumpsall Lane store in particular has a good customer base because it’s right near a tram stop and the demand I get comes from a mixture of young professionals who want a quick breakfast on their way to and from work, alongside nearby families who need a convenient snack. Elsewhere, it’s mainly just locals on the weekend.

Why are they so successful?
Food to go is a really popular category and I’ve been promoting it heavily over the past few years. Products from Carrs Pasties are particularly popular because customers know them quite well and so I sell more than 150 every week. They’re quite prominently displayed at eyeline in my stores, which helps quite a lot. Another reason for their popularity is their reasonable price.