Name: Mital Morar

Store: Ancoats General Store

Location: Manchester

Products from: Robinson's Bakery. £3.90 per loaf of sourdough bread

For this week's My Local Hero, we spoke to retailer Mital Morar about his collaboration with the 'most loved bakery in the North West'

Where did you find them?

It was really difficult for me to choose which supplier to nominate for this column, as we work with so many local businesses. But I’ve gone for Robinson’s Bakery, in part because my working relationship with them goes back to when they supplied burger buns and bread for my restaurants. I’ve been aware of Robinson’s for as long as I can remember. They have been in business since 1864 and, two years ago, were voted Most Loved Bakery in the North West 2015.

Who buys them?

Everyone. Robinson’s makes seasonal products, which sell really fast at this time of year, and the sourdough is particularly popular with our demographic of 20 – 40-year-old graduates and professionals. Our customers have a health-conscious approach to what they eat and value distinctive local produce. Robinson’s makes middle to premium-range bread, so it’s not expensive but it is well worth paying a little extra for.

Why are they successful?

The sourdough is just great. Robinson’s makes everything that day so the bread is unbelievably fresh. You can get sourdough in some of the better supermarkets now but I don’t think for a second they pay the same level of attention to detail as Robinson’s do to the production of their bread. The sourdough is a favourite but the focaccia is excellent too.  We sell branded bread, but customers know that if they want a tasty and healthy local variant, Robinson’s is the perfect option.