The opportunities for free-from in food to go throughout convenience is being held back by a lack of signposting.

This is according to Adelie Foods senior marketing manager Isla Owen, who told RN the company’s gluten-free BLT and Cheddar Ploughman sandwiches are among its bestsellers. 

“More shoppers are looking to be gluten-free. It’s not just coeliacs.

“We make more than three million sandwiches a week, but shoppers don’t expect to find gluten-free in food to go. Retailers need to signpost on packs to draw attention.”

Chris Shelley, of Shelley’s Budgens in Horsham, told RN: “Gluten-free makes up 5% of overall snack and food to go sales and it’s increasing. Letting people know which foods are gluten-free helps increase demand.”