SOME great things are on the way for the white bread market thanks to a “category-changing” launch from Allied Bakeries.

The company is introducing its biggest launch in seven years to the market on March 27. Kingsmill Great White is a soft white loaf containing as much fibre as wholemeal bread – 2.5 times for fibre than a standard white loaf. It has been designed to appeal to consumers who like white bread but feel guilty about eating it, and will help increase fibre intake in adults and children, which on average, is currently below recommended levels.

“Bakery remains a staple favourite for the UK, consumed by 99.8% of the British population with 51 loaves bought every second,” said Martin Garlick, Allied Bakeries category director. “However, over time there has been a steady decline in the number of people eating white bread and if we don’t take action it will continue over the next few years.”

The launch is being supported by a £6.7m marketing investment, including a TV ad from April 7, in-store activity and sampling through a partnership with the Daily Mirror.

C-stores will also have a chance to win a van filled with the new product by entering a competition run through wholesalers.

The loaves have an RRP of £1.49, but for the first 12 weeks on sale, a £1 price- marked pack will be available to the convenience channel.