Family Shopper retailer bakes up benefits with hot food sales

Tameside-based Mosi Patel has introduced 'no risk' food to go to his store, boosting his hot food sales, by partnering with a local supplier.

A Family Shopper retailer in Greater Manchester has introduced ‘no risk’ food to go to his store by partnering with a local supplier.

Tameside-based Mosi Patel was approached by the baker earlier this year and began stocking hot pies and rolls in October.

He invested £650 in the cabinet and stand and then allowed the baker to decide what he should sell.

“You need work with other local businesses. Instead of being obsessed with margin, look at what other benefits new ideas can bring to your store. We don’t make as much of a profit if we did it ourselves, but this way it’s sale or return so less risk,” he said.

The store sells more than 20 pies a day, with a margin of 60p, making at least £84 a week in hot food sales.

“At the end of the day we text him to tell him what has sold and he comes round and tops it up and checks it all over. It’s been really positive for both of us,” he added.

Patel sells hot pies and baps for £1.40, sausage rolls for 36p and spring rolls for 60p each.


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