Booker Spend and Save rebate scheme

Booker has added Hovis to its bread supply, providing higher margins than existing brands and an alternative for retailers boycotting other major suppliers.

The change this month will add 16 Hovis products, such as Soft Thick White Loaf and Seeded Batch. The new range offers higher margins in comparison to the closest alternatives offered by existing suppliers such as Kingsmill.

For example, Hovis Soft Thick White Loaf has a margin of 35.2% at an 81p WSP and £1.25p RRP per loaf. The closest alternative white loaf from Kingsmill has a 28.6% margin. The changes follow retailers boycotting Warburtons after the supplier temporarily stopped supply into independent stores during the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ken Singh, of Mill Hill Stores in Pontefract, welcomed the addition and said it would offer customers an established brand following his decision to no longer stock Warburtons. “It’s a good product and the shelf life on Hovis is fairly decent as well. I get good demand for both Kingsmill and Hovis, so customers won’t lose out. The demand and shelf life on both brands is certainly better than Warburtons.”

A Booker spokesperson added: “Hovis is now available for our customers and forms part of our ongoing commitment to improve choice, price and service.”