aptamil advanced

Danone Specialised Nutrition has announced the relaunch of Aptamil Profutura under the new name Aptamil Advanced.

The range offers the same formulation for customers, with Danone saying the rebrand is focused on helping consumers more easily navigate the premium follow-on and toddler milk range.

It consists of:

  • Aptamil Advanced Infant Milk (From birth)
  • Aptamil Advanced Follow-On Milk (From 6 months)
  • Aptamil Advanced Toddler Milk (From one year)

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It is also suitable in combination with breastfeeding. According to a recent Kantar survey, combination feeding rates have increased by 5% year on year among parents with children aged between 0 and three months.

Danone has also used the relaunch to introduce new packaging with 50% less plastic than the previous packaging, as well as a triple safety seal to preserve freshness.

The range is being rolled out nationwide this spring, with an RRP of £16. Danone is supporting the launch with a £3.5m marketing campaign.

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