Retailers praise Allwyn support for National Lottery changeover, following teething issues

Retailers reported teething issues when switching their agreements from Camelot

National Lottery sales age limit creates retailer confusion

Allwyn has boosted support to help retailers transfer their National Lottery agreements from Camelot, as store owners reported issues with the initial process.

As part of the Allwyn’s takeover as National Lottery operator in February 2024, retailers are required to switch their agreements to the firm’s name by 18 December. An online portal to facilitate this process opened on 14 August.

However, some retailers told Better Retailing they had experienced issues. Multi-site London retailer Peter Wagg said: “I was supposed to receive a verification code through email, but this came several hours late and had expired. The website also kept freezing and I couldn’t transfer one of my stores because the postcode didn’t match what was on Camelot’s records.

“The support team has been good, though, and have done as much as they can to help me complete the process. I’ve switched three stores and just have one to go. With a new service like this, you have to understand there will be teething issues at the start. The deadline isn’t until 18 December, so there’s plenty of time.”

Other retailers said they had no issues completing the transfer.

An Allwyn and Camelot spokesperson said: “We’re delighted TNLpartners.co.uk went live on 14 August and communications are now landing advising retailers how to login to transfer their existing Retailer Agreement from Camelot to Allwyn. Although the transfer deadline isn’t until 18 December, we’ve already seen a big uptake – with a significant number of retailers already signed up.

“If retailers experience any issues (such as with inputting their store details or a technical difficulty), they can call the free Retailer Hotline on 0800 8 40 50 60 – this has been specially upweighted with more call agents who are on hand to assist. Additionally, store visits have now started, but if the proprietor isn’t in store when the visit takes place – for example, if they’re on a summer break – the Retail Sales Executive will re-visit from September. We’re really grateful for how quickly retailers have responded, but rest assured there’s plenty of time to complete the process – and colleagues are on standby to provide assistance.”


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