As a once-every-four-years’ event, it’s not surprising companies jump on the World Cup as an opportunity to launch as many football-related products as possible into the market. You’ll no doubt already be expecting the copious grocery and alcohol products and merchandise from major players, such as Coca-Cola, Mars and Heineken, but it could be your collectables offering that could net you bumper sales.

As usual, both Topps and Panini have produced sticker collections and trading card games that are guaranteed to drive the football collectable craze even further, with Topps’ Match Attax Official England trading card game estimated to generate £35million in retail sales value alone.

On top of these collections will be the launch of the fourth series of Gogo’s Crazy Bones, which of course, are World Cup themed. At £1.99 per packet, if it is anywhere near as popular as the first three series’, it will benefit any retailers’ store – especially those near to schools.

Whether England will succeed in making it to the final or crash and burn at the group stage of the tournament remains to be seen, but by making the most of the hype, you can do your bit to cash in on the World Cup.