WKD aims to increase sales by £38m with redesigned range

SHS Sales and Marketing has claimed that the new WKD design, which rolls out to market in October, will drive sales by £38m.

In a bid to grow off-trade sales by £38m over the next three years, SHS Drinks is rolling out new designs on its WKD brand.

The new WKD design is to mark 20 years since the brand’s launch and aims to attract one million new 18 to 24-year-old drinkers to the brand.

Rolling out from October, the new range will contain four flavours, Original WKD Blue, WKD Iron Brew, WKD Berry and WKD Passion Fruit, which is the new name for WKD Blush.

The flavours come in 275ml four-packs and 700ml bottles.

Jo Sykes, who is head of the WKD transformation project team, said WKD sales volume in the impulse sector had grown by 5% and value by 1% over the past year.

“When WKD was launched, girl power and the lads’ culture was at its height and WKD was very much part of that social revolution, but today’s 18 to 24-year-olds are genuinely gender inclusive,” she added.


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