SHS Drinks is rebranding its spirit-flavoured beers under the Dead Crow name as it develops the two ‘speers’ launched in January last year.

Both the bourbon and rum-flavoured variants will keep the same recipes, 5.5% ABV and RRP.

  • Pack size: 4 x 330ml bottles
  • Outer size: 6 x 4-packs per case
  • RRP: £4.99-£5.49 for a 4-pack

The lines have generated more than £1.2m of sales since launch and will now be united under one brand name with new-look packaging to reflect the brand’s premium quality credentials.

The two Dead Crow speers will be packaged in clear 330ml bottles embossed with a map of the world, signposting SHS Drinks’ range of spirit-flavoured beers from around the globe.

Mark Hopper, head of innovation and development at SHS Drinks, said: “Speers is a new sector of the beer category that really took off big time last year.

“Until we launched Dead Crow and Cuvana in January 2013, there were only two tequila-flavoured beers on the UK market.

“With the arrival of bourbon-flavoured Dead Crow and rum-flavoured Cuvana we brought new flavours and a new dimension to this emerging category and a series of ‘me toos’ followed in our wake.”

The spirit-flavoured beers sub-category is worth £123m in combined on- and off-trade markets