Sukh’s 60 Second Shop Success

Following the launch of Molson Coors’ 60 Second Shop initiative, Sukh Gill of Nisa Horninglow Road, Staffordshire has seen sales soar by 20%.

The initiative is designed to help retailers appeal to shoppers looking for value, help them shop the fixture easier and cross-promote with other categories around occasions.

Sukh was approach by Molson Coors in the summer to trial the ideas and placed some of the free-standing display units in high footfall locations. He has since seen a 20% uplift on promotional products in these displays.

“As shopper habits are now changing to buying little and often, I believe that we have a great opportunity to increase sales by selling more linked purchases across categories by using clever merchandising, promotional activities and PoS,” he told Retail Express.

Molson Coors is also encouraging retailers to use technology to drive sales and is giving five retailers that sign up to the website a digital makeover for their store.

Sukh is on a WhatsApp group with several other retailers that share ideas. He also promotes special deals on Facebook and highlights certain products for specific events.


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