Stores sign up to Coors 60 Second Shop scheme

More than 2,000 retailers have signed up to Molson Coors’ 60 Second Shop scheme since it launched one year ago.

More than 2,000 retailers have signed up to Molson Coors’ 60 Second Shop scheme since it launched one year ago.

The platform gives retailers advice around how to offer shoppers value for money, make shopping the fixture easier and make the most of occasions, such as big nights in.

The company has relayed fixtures in 295 stores in the past year, with 800 more retailers completing part of the planogram or implementing some of the advice.

Alpesh Mistry, UK Customer Marketing Director at Molson Coors, said: “We have always started with shopper insights first rather than just pushing our brands. We’ve had instances where we’ve taken our own products out of the range because it was the right thing to do.”

Molson Coors has also helped retailers tap into shoppers hosting big nights in and barbecues.

“We have a free-standing display unit which displays sauces, disposable barbecues and beer. We’ve seen a 9% increase in sales overall and we’ve increased barbecue sales by 30%,” Mistry said.

Next year the initiative will give advice around four occasions, including meal
for tonight.

“We can contact retailers that sign up twice a week by text, email and social media, and help them prepare for upcoming events, such as Father’s Day and the Euros,” said Mistry.


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