Spiced and flavoured rum is predicted to outgrow demand for white rum in the UK within the next year as more shoppers turn to new varieties.

Speaking at a pop-up event for rum brand Dead Man’s Fingers in Shoreditch, London, last week, Lucy Cottrell, rum & tequila brand manager at Halewood Wines & Spirits, said the total rum category is growing in value by 3.8% year on year in the off-trade, driven by demand for flavoured rums.

“This growth can be attributed to the popularity of flavoured and spiced rums among millennials, with the sub-category growing in value by 10.5% year on year,” she said.

Ms Cottrell added that it is important independent retailers offer a balanced range. “As important as it is to invest in new premium, flavoured rums to move with the trend, retailers should not forgo standard brands to offer a price point for all.

“Although there hasn’t been much innovation on the rum front, this is something that needs to be addressed by the industry, and Dead Man’s Fingers aims to tap into this,” she said.

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