Prosecco and cava sales have grown 80% in the past five years.

HMRC figures showed that 17.6million gallons of sparkling wines were sold in 2011/12, nearly doubling to 31.6million gallons in 2015/16.

Susan Connolly, business development manager for Connolly Spars in Wiltshire, said sales have increased in her store, driven by Spar’s own-label variety.


Stock prosecco next to raspberries or near Italian food to help increase evening meal sales

“We only stocked Martini Asti before Spar’s brand became fashionable. Now that is delisted and we only stock the Spar’s own-label and sell four cases a week. We have also seen increases in Chambord sales, which people mix with prosecco,” she added.

Spar’s brand joins Stella and several other brands this month in a consumer promotion.

The symbol group is bringing back its ‘Holiyay’ promotion, which will include radio advertising and social media activity.